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About Us

Welcome to Unique Baby Boutique a company that provides a variety of chic & unique items for babies & toddlers, including handmade, organic and eco-friendly products. Most importantly, all of our products are unique!

When customers purchase our products, they support the idea that uniqueness is priceless. Not only are our products unique, but we also believe that each child should value and embrace their uniqueness. Collectively, this contributes to the understanding that children shape today and tomorrow’s future. This is why 10% of profits support Children’s Rights Initiatives.


Erin Beckett

“I just purchased & received a Bunny Onesie for my little one and couldn’t be happier. I ordered it online & it came on time (3 days). It was so beautifully packaged with a note from the boutique thanking me for the support as 10% of their profits are donated to Children’s Rights Initiatives. Not only was the customer service amazing, but also the little bunny onesie is beautiful and very good quality. I will order 100% from them again. Thank you Unique Baby Boutique!”

Darlene Adler

“Do you love cute and unique items? Do you love fun, creative and more importantly high quality clothing for your little ones? Then Unique Baby Boutique is the place for you! I was pleasantly surprised upon receiving my items within days and they were decorated in adorable custom packaging. Their Free Shipping or Returns policy made my purchases a no brainer. Not to mention they donate 10% of ALL profits to Children’s Rights Initiatives.”

Amber J. Williams

“I love this Boutique and never fail to leave with a piece of unique clothing for my little one! I never regret spending money here as they are top-quality products & you walk away supporting a great cause! The founder Daniella is a delight, as I had many questions before purchasing. She was very responsive and professional. Thank you for the adorable pieces!”

Lesly Mcneil

“I am overwhelmed with the timing in which I received the Baby Booties and with the quality itself. I ordered 2 pairs of Baby Booties on Sunday 7pm I received it on Wednesday 9am. The quality is superior to anything I have seen in the usual high end mall baby-stores where I usually shop. I am completely thrilled and impressed with your merchandise and service, and will order again very soon. Good quality is so hard to find.”